Supercharge Your Facebook Ads for Maximum Engagement w/ Scott Shapiro

With over 70% of the American population using Facebook platforms every day, there’s no better place for agents to connect with their market. However, if we want to maximize our results from Facebook marketing, we have to do it the right way. Given how many agents already use the platform for marketing, we need to stand out in the eyes of our ideal client. It’s not enough to share content mindlessly. If we want to break through, we have to meet the consumer where they are. Which Facebook features get the highest engagement, and what content does the average user want to see? How can we ensure our ads are seen by our target audience? In this episode, Client Partner at Facebook, Scott Shapiro

Creating a Company Culture That People See, Feel & Believe In w/ Jeff Cohn

We hear about company culture all the time, but many of us haven’t grasped what that means in the context of our teams, and why it’s so important to have clearly defined organizational values. Culture plays a vital role in any successful business. The atmosphere we create impacts every part of the organization, from the people working in it, to the clients we attract and the results we see. What is the difference between good and bad company culture? How do we create something that aligns with our personal values as leaders? In this episode, we invite you to an ERS coaching call on the importance of culture, and how to create one that works for you and your business. Takeaways + Tactics How

Integrating Today’s Technology into your Team w/ Scott Sillari

With so many tech terms being thrown around, a lot of team leaders are understandably confused. As real estate professionals, why do we need to know about API’s, bridges and integrations? The reality is, technology will become increasingly more important in the years to come - so it’s in our best interests to find ways to understand it and use it to our advantage. For businesses to make it in the future, we have to start embracing integration. What does that mean - and how can we use it in our operations? In this episode, Head of Sales and Marketing at Real Synch, Scott Sillari ​joins me to talk technology in the real estate space. Takeaways + Tactics Invest wisely Anyone looking to inv

Investing Your Way to Passive Income w/ Aaron Amuchastegui

If we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 shutdowns across the country, it’s that tomorrow’s business is never guaranteed. To safeguard our success, we have to diversify our portfolios. Building ancillary businesses is a great way to put our eggs in more baskets. Through investing, we can diversify our business without adding hours of extra work to our schedules. By setting up investment companies, we get maximum reward potential - all while serving our customers better than ever before. How can we start investing? How does diversification impact our customers? In this episode, host of the Real Estate Rockstars Radio podcast, Aaron Amuchastegui joins me to discuss the investment opportunit

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