The Key to Successful Real Estate Investing

Investing is a great addition to any real estate business. It offers an incredible amount of opportunities and opens the door to building wealth. A lot of agents are hesitant to break into the space because they’re just not sure how to get started. The truth is, there’s no one formula to being successful in real estate investing. It all comes down to our individual goals but there are some patterns we can learn from. How can new investors enter the space successfully, and is there any way to avoid failure? Where should we be finding investment properties in the first place? In this episode, co-owner of Dynamic Properties, Clint Bartlett joins an ERS coaching call where we dive into how we st

Diversify Your Activities and Dominate the Industry w/ Lior Rozhansky

There are so many ways to make money in real estate, but far too many people in this industry are playing it safe by sticking to just one avenue of business. What’s stopping us from making the most of everything real estate has to offer? How can we start diversifying our activities and reap bigger rewards? In an industry with so many options, the only thing holding us back from success is ourselves. So how can we break down our self-imposed limitations? In this episode, Vice President and Real Estate Agent at Compass, Lior Rozhansky shares how he’s made a name for himself as an agent and investor. Takeaways + Tactics How to change lanes in real estate Whether we’re new to the business or loo

Podcasts, Books and Events Guaranteed to Impact Your Life w/ Matt Johnson

What defines the most successful people in our industry is a desire to learn, seek information and attract influence into their lives. The books we read, the podcasts we listen to, the events we attend and the people we surround ourselves with make all the difference. If we want to go from average to outstanding, we have to be selective with our tools for growth. What are top producers reading and listening to that other agents aren’t? How can we make sure we’re networking with the right people - and is that even possible for newer agents? In this episode, we share the books, podcasts and events that have made the biggest impact on our lives and our success levels. Purchase your tickets to t

Jeff Cohn EDGE Magazine Interview

Jeff Cohn was featured on the cover and a full 3 page article spread in the October 2020 issue of EDGE Magazine. Check out his interview below and some awesome picture of our new 10,000 square foot, tech-powered office! Connect with Jeff Cohn: Twitter: @ERS_co Facebook: Elite Real Estate Systems Website: YouTube: Elite Real Estate Systems Instagram: @elite_real_estate_systems

The Mindset Shift For Exceptional Results w/ Dan Rochon

Many people stay trapped throughout their lives because they don’t think their goals are attainable, but that simply isn’t true. We are capable of achieving anything we put our minds to. Only we can dictate if we’ll reach our full potential. So to make our dreams a reality, we have to be willing to look inside ourselves through a process of personal development. What do we need to change to ensure we become the best versions of ourselves? Can we shift our inner programming to guarantee our success in business and in life? In this episode, author of Real Estate Evolution: The Ten Step Guide to CPI for Real Estate Agents, Dan Rochon shares how to fine-tune our inner game and maximize our chanc

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