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The Team Building Podcast You've Been Searching for,

Direct from one of the Nation's Leading Real Estate Teams

Modern Coaching For The Modern Agent

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The Team Building Podcast Offers

  • Fresh new episodes dropped every week

  • High level interviews from team leaders all over the country 

  • Valuable "no BS" content that's easy to understand and implement 

  • Strategies for all levels of teams

  • Insights on recruiting, lead generation, accountability, and back-end processes

"I have been building a team for the last 12 months and I got more out of a few podcasts with Jeff Cohn than I have from all of the other podcasts I’ve listened to!"

"Jeff and his guests provide some incredibly compelling and actionable content geared to help you become better, more well-rounded leader and team builder."

"Jeff Cohn doesn't talk empty theory from an ivory tower. He has built an impressively successful team and he shares the methods he's actually used. This podcast is a must-listen if you're determined to be more successful in real estate."

"Great content that is relatable and useful in the day to day struggles of building a team. I have personally attended Jeff’s Team Building event and highly recommend spending the day in Omaha. I will be going back for a second time to extract more as I continue to grow my team."

"Great guests and insights on being able to implement ideas into our business. Recently went to their workshop and absolutely worth the time and investment."

"This absolutely changed my business & my life, all while having fun because Jeff’s sense of humor is contagious!"

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