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Stealth COOs: Habits and Systems of Great COOs w/Christy Belt Grossman

Mega-agents and mega-teams need mega support. How do high level EAs differ from COOs? How can mega-teams grow fast enough to keep the personality profiles of COOs occupied and engaged? On this episode we go deep on what makes stealth COOs tick, how to hire for the role and the common mistakes people make. Christy Belt Grossman joins us for this high-level mastermind!

If you’re a stable team that is not in growth mode, you will definitely have someone who is risk averse, who wants to maintain and protect the empire. - Christy Belt Grossman

Takeaways + Tactics
  1. Compensation should be based on a salary+bonus based on team profitability.

  2. Hire with the end in mind, not just today's needs.

  3. Mindset and morning routines are the most critical part of being a "stealth COO".

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Stealth COO Role in Real Estate Teams

At the start of the show, Christy shared on her work, and how she defines stealth a COO. Next, she talked about some of the hiring mistakes people make when it comes to hiring for the operations role, and how to balance between hiring risk takers and risk averse employees. Christy also shared the importance of transitioning from being a firefighter, and towards the end of the show she shared on her future consulting plans.

Christy also shared:

  • How high-level EAs differ from COOs

  • The difference between a to-do list and a must-do list

  • How to break the cycle of job monotony

  • The systems her team has installed and implemented

A stealth COO is a combination of an empire builder and an empire protector. They need to have the ability to harvest and innovate at the same time. A COO yearns for both personal growth and business growth, and their effectiveness leans heavily on the mindsets they maintain and the habits they nurture. With a long to-do list, a must-do list is needed. You have to ask yourself what are the things that would make you consider your day a failure if you don’t get them done. What mega-agents have to do in recruiting a COO, is hiring with the end goals in mind, not just the present needs.

Guest Bio

Christy Belt Grossman is the Chief Operating Officer of The Belt Team - one of the top local, regional, national team/groups within KW and NAR serving the Northern Virginia/Greater Washington DC metro area. Christy has served as a panelist at Keller Williams Family Reunion & Mega Camp and facilitates the Admin Mastermind group in the McLean MC. She also teaches around the country. Follow @thebeltteam on Twitter, or go to or for more information.

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