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How to Run and Manage the Perfect ISA Team w/Andy Herrington

An ISA can keep between 3 and 5 sales agents busy. What salary and commission should they be working off? What traits should leaders look for in an ISA? Should you build that department first? On this episode of the Team Building podcast, Andy Herrington shares his experience with ISAs, tactics to optimize the department and how you should go about building that team within your team.

Any team worth its salt has 2 or 3 agents that don’t ever want to talk to an ISA. They’ve got 2 or 3 people who are kicking ass and don’t need any help. – Andy Herrington

Takeaways + Tactics
  1. Top teams have three or four solid sources of business. The ones who are struggling are the ones trying lots of different things and spreading themselves too thin.

  2. You need to have the infrastructure in place to service all of the business that an inside sales team is going to bring in for you.

  3. As your team grows you want to have people working within their speciality. You want to have people doing what they do best, more often.

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We began the episode by talking about lead conversion and Andy explained to us exactly what he qualifies as a lead. We moved on to talk about the advantages of having an ISA team, and when you should move that lead an agent has found over to an ISA team. Later in the episode we spoke to Andy about the salary and commission that he pays his ISA teams and what he looks for when he’s hiring for the role. We finished off with Andy giving us a script for ISAs to use when contacting a potential lead on the phone.

We also talked about:

  • How long you would expect a quality ISA to stay with the team

  • Andy’s on boarding process for a new ISA

  • Methods for contacting people and how often you should try and contact them

  • The need for people to specialize in certain areas and not spread themselves too thin

ISAs are extremely important to a team but they should also be the last people you put in place. There is no point creating an ISA team when you do not have the infrastructure in place to properly benefit from all the leads they generate. Once you have that team in place it’s all about training the ISAs to know exactly what to say. You should do this with weeks of role playing exercises and script training. That is the most important thing. ISAs need to be using a script which is better than the internal script of the client, telling them they are not interested.

Guest Bio

Andy Herrington is the Director of Coaching at Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting. Andy has a solid background in real estate and has been a member of three top producing teams in his career. To find out more information head over to

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