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The No-Excuse Organization: How the Trembley Group Executes Lateral Accountability

Most real estate organizations don’t have leaders, they have managers. What are the pieces they are missing that affect how dialed in agents are, and how successful the team will be? How do you incentivize agents to work on the business as much as they work in the business? On this episode, we go deep on these questions with Scott and Jeremy from the Trembley group.

You have to come from the position of help, you’ve got to have that serving heart, but you’ve got to be strong. - Scott Trembley

Takeaways + Tactics
  • Reviews matter. People like to work with a company that’s highly reviewed.

  • Agents can be so transaction-focused they forget about working on their business.

  • Success with teams comes down to how well you install one-on-one accountability.

Resources & Links:

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At the start of the show, we learned about the team structure of the Trembley Group, and how they were able to do almost $40 million in volume in the first 12 months of their partnership. Next we talked about the mistakes many real estate teams are making when it comes to leadership. Scott and Jeremy also talked about how to stay consistent with your message, stay the course as well as how to initiate behavior change.

Scott and Jeremy also spoke about;

  • How mindset plays into the success of their agents

  • How to articulate that you’re different and better

  • Why you need to ingrain the review culture

  • The importance of working on the business

A lot of teams fail to maximize because they don’t have a model for success, structure and they don’t put sales training and accountability front and center of the company culture. The best team leadership doesn’t just come from the top - it’s also horizontal, with everyone holding each other accountable. Initiating behavioral change can be done in three ways, through environment, education and experience. It’s equally important to get the mindset piece dialed in. If agents are living a powerful life, it will translate into a powerful business.

Guest Bio

Scott Trembley Scott is the President of the Trembley Group. He has been a leader in the Real Estate industry for 18 years. He has helped over 1500 families find their dream home while producing over $450 million in sales. After training with Scott for a little over a year, none of his agents make less than $100,000 by their second year. Scott has scored #1 nationally, out of 300 sales leaders, during Leadership and Emotional Intelligence testing for one of the nation’s largest builders. Contact Scott scott@thetrembleygroup or 843.455.6636.

Jeremy Jenks Jeremy is the VP of Sales at the Trembley Group. He has assisted over 400 families find their dream home while producing $75 million in sales in just 8 years, beginning in the midst of the recession. He has created a dynamic training program for new agents, which provides a blueprint for instant success. His primary focus is giving back so that new agents can learn from his path to success. Contact Jeremy jeremy@thetrembleygroup.

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