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Building a $1 Billion Office w/Adam Roach

A lot of people think once they are producing $50 million, they need to start their own brokerage or franchise. How can this mindset actually steer you in the wrong way? How can you fine-tune recruitment to increase retention? How can you help employees align with their dreams and live better lives? On this episode, we are joined by KW Team Leader and founder of Recruiting Bridge, Adam Roach who answers these and other questions.

If your agents are making money, they aren’t going to go anywhere because they feel good about their lives. -Adam Roach

Takeaways + Tactics:
  • If you’re looking to better yourself as a leader, invest in the necessary learning.

  • Start with goals and then work your way backward from there to pin down the actions required.

  • When agents see how hard team leaders are working to build their wealth, it’s huge for retention.

Resources & Links:

Expansion– Learn how you can partner with Elite Real Estate Systems – get lead generation, coaching, support, training and access to a culture of success - all without leaving your current broker.

Team Building Workshop – Spend the day observing these systems in person, including board meetings, Monday Team Meeting, agent one-on-one meetings. Also includes hours of private consulting to create your own custom roadmap to build and exit your real estate team.

Tools & Services – See all the tools, professional services and companies we use and recommends to help build your real estate team.


At the start of the show, Adam gave us a little background and shared on the role his ISA plays on the team. He also shared on his responsibilities and why growth is about all facets of life. Adam also shared on the recruitment metrics he’s tracking and towards the end of the show, we talked about the importance of thinking bigger when it comes to goal setting.

Adam also shared on:

  • How to become a stronger leader

  • The importance of coming from a place of contribution and curiosity

  • Why his team is using Recruiting Bridge

Success is chasing excellence, not money and this is an important concept that should be upheld in your organization. If you want to be a stronger leader, earn the right to lead and make it a goal to learn how to be a good leader. Remember to always come from a place of curiosity and contribution. Once you’ve become a good leader, go out there and serve others, not yourself.

Guest Bio Adam was presented with the opportunity to run the most profitable Keller Williams franchise in the Ohio Valley Region. Since then Keller Williams Indy Metro North has experienced exponential growth, agent productivity is at an all time high, and profitability has exceed expectation. From Operating Principal Dennis Barrow, "Adam is an energetic, well-liked team leader with extensive real-life experience in the real estate industry. Team members have come to rely on his steady guidance and creative approach to team-building through his exceptional consulting abilities. To get in touch, email for more information.

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