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Control vs. Controls: How to Transition Out of Sales & Develop More Leaders w/ Nick Waldner

A lot of real estate team owners discourage their top agents from running their own teams in fear of creating competition. Why do the best leaders strive to create other leaders? What is the practical process of transitioning out of sales? Why is it so important to train new agents on lead generation first? On this episode, we are joined by real estate CEO, Nick Waldner, who shares on building leadership for your team.

Takeaways + Tactics:

- A team leader is responsible for recruiting talent, retaining the top 20%, and keeping them engaged.

- Agents need to learn lead generation, and then earn the right to learn the rest.

- Your top agents also want the chance to grow their own teams. If they don’t get the opportunity in your organization they will move on.

- A business that can run without you is more valuable than one that can’t.

At the start of the show, Nick shared on his team, the different roles in it, and how they help the organization function. Next, he talked about the importance of pouring into agents who you know are able to generate leads. We also talked about why recruiting agents and spending time training them is a long-term investment, and why you should hire people who can push you out of the system.

We also discussed:

- The future of teams that want to scale

- The dysfunction of traditional real estate

- How Nick built a business that can function without him

- Running a business vs. having a sales gig

One of the most powerful ways to build a strong business is to develop leaders who can grow other leaders. Your top producers want to be given the room to become those leaders. Without this, it will be hard to retain them. You need to develop an outlet for your top producers, and teaching them to recruit and scale is the best one. Remember: loyalty only goes as far as your ability to help them become successful.

Guest Bio:

Nick is a Realtor, Investor, CEO of the Waldner Winter Team, and Host of Waterfront Househunting. Go to for more information or email

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