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Vertical Integration, The Power of Scaling & Using Knowledge to Attack Problems w/ Josh Mente

The majority of people in real estate aren’t taking advantage of the opportunities in additional businesses. Why is vertical integration such a powerful thing when you run multiple businesses? What are the three key roles of a business owner/CEO? What misconceptions do people have about leveraging your business? On this episode, we are joined by Josh Mente, who shares how he built a team from the ground up and the habits and strategies that led to his success.

Takeaways + Tactics:

- You need visionary and integrator roles; without one or the other, you don’t have anything.

- It’s smarter to slow down with the “information grab” so you can actually digest and implement what you learn.

- When you leverage yourself out, you’re not working less. You’re working smarter and harder to refocus your energy and strategies.

At the start of the show, Josh shared how his team started, and the importance of pairing a visionary with an integrator. Next, we talked about the importance of building additional businesses that are related to your main business. Towards the end of the show, we discussed the importance of learning and reading books.

We also discussed:

- The power of vertical integration

- Misconceptions people have about leverage

- Why you need to slow down your pace of reading and learning

Scaling and leveraging your business isn’t about becoming so powerful that you stop doing any work at all. You’re still working, but working smarter, refocusing your strategies, and deploying them into the people now running the business. A business leader runs accountability, vision and capital. The less they have to focus on the smaller tasks, the more time they have to focus on growing the vision and bringing more money into the business.

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