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How to Add a Zero to the End of All of Your Deals w/ Brandon Nelson

Team leaders want their operations to run so smoothly that the business can still run in their absence. How do you build the infrastructure that can allow you to grow your team? How can you determine whether you should recruit more people or not? On this episode, we are joined by Brandon Nelson who shares his rockstar strategies for growth.

"The Holy Grail of business and generating income in this world is being comfortable enough to hire someone to join you and help you, and then to build a team below them." - Brandon Nelson

Takeaways + Tactics:

- When you find someone who can handle operations to the point that you don’t have to run everything, that person has to graduate to 6 figures.

- The more you specialize, the better you get at bringing in a certain type of deal and the better and faster you are at working that deal.

- When it comes to recruiting, lead with leads---not with revenue.

At the start of the show, Brandon gave us a background on how he got started and we talked about income splits. We also discussed why a strong operations person needs to earn six figures, and how to handle someone with tremendous ambition. We went on to discuss why specializing is so valuable, and towards the end, we discussed why commission splits need to net you a certain amount.

We also spoke about:

- Why fear stands in the way of growth

- The secrets to building teams within teams

- The power of written reviews

It is impossible to grow your business and generate meaningful income without actually hiring people who can help you and grow in their own right. The secret to success isn’t growing at 350%. It can be as simple as stepping into leverage and getting rid of the limiting beliefs that stop you from hiring other people. When it comes to the value you offer as a team leader, you should have a systematic way to show someone that by staying with you, you are going to help offset the costs they would otherwise incur should they leave and start their own team. It always comes back to recruitment, training, retaining, and offering value.

Guest Bio

Brandon is a broker and the owner of Brandon Nelson Partners. Prior to becoming a Realtor he was a licensed home inspector, completing over 700 inspections. Go to for more information.

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