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Samer Kuraishi On Lead Generation, Team Building & Attracting Agents

Teams are built on recruiting, training, and retaining by offering value. What is the best way to create value for the leaders within your team so they don’t leave? What is a virtual boardroom and how can it help you improve as a leader and as a team? What are the strongest online lead sources for a business that generations up to 1,000 leads per month? On this episode, we are joined by East Coast team leader, Samer Kuraishi shares how he built a team up to $1 billion in volume in 6 years.

Years ago, people came in because of leads. These days they’re knocking on the door because they want to be around successful people. -Samer Kuraishi

Takeaways + Tactics:

- Success comes down to how well you’re able to build other people up.

- Anything you do well should be recorded for the coaching of others.

- Nowadays, teams aren’t built on having leads spoon-fed to them. They are built on an attraction to successful people.

At the start of the show, Shamer shared how he got started, how he manages roles on his team, and how to build teams within teams. Next we talked about why leads aren’t the recruiting and retaining “sell” anymore for teams, and we learn the vision Samer has for his virtual boardroom. Towards the end, we talked about why you need to gather the best minds together.

We also discussed:

Samer’s best online lead sources The importance of the right mentorship Where team leaders should put their disposable income What draws people into teams and keeps them there is the provision of value and an atmosphere of success. Providing leads isn’t what attracts people. It’s all about retention, your systematic order, the people you’re building up, and the systems and tools that you have in place. You need to have the right mentorship, and bring people with the right minds together to really grow.

Guest Bio:

Samer is the team lead of One Real Estate. His team offers a diverse, motivated group of real estate professionals—all of whom are dedicated to putting the DC Metropolitan clients' needs first. Using the most cutting edge technology and providing constant education and training, Samer's agents are always prepared and ahead of the market. To get in touch email or call 301.385.0049.

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