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How to Scale Up Your Recruiting w/Rhyan Finch

There are a lot of millennials and Z-generation agents in real estate who are starved of good leadership. How do you build the kind of culture that attracts these people and makes them want to stay? What does it take for you to be the kind of leader that can carry this kind of organization? On this episode, we talk to Rhyan Finch, a team leader who has managed to build a culture that truly provides value.

"If you don’t think it’s going to work then you’re not going to work it as hard as if you do. If you’re passionate about it, your passion can carry you through your model pretty well." -Rhyan Finch

Takeaways + Tactics

- Brick-and-mortar real estate agencies aren’t going away, but they will likely condense as virtual agency structures develop.

- For a team to function, the leader has to step in and provide the value a brokerage would provide.

- People want engaged leaders, even if it means being told they’re not doing something correctly. They understand the need for good coaching and appreciate the time spent.

At the start of the show, Rhyan shared how he got started and we discussed the virtual agency model, and how they are going to condense with brick-and-mortar brokerages in the future. Next, we talked about why it’s important to be an engaged leader and how Rhyan built his team culture on caring about other people’s needs.

We also talked about: - The top value-adds that are attracting people to Rhyan’s team - How passion carries you through the hard times of business - Why you attract people based on the leader you become

When it comes to deciding whether to break away on your own or join a brokerage, you need to understand your individual business and look at the value a brokerage can offer you. If you’re already doing coaching and process management, a brokerage might not be necessary. The future of teams is being able to appeal to Z-gen and millennials because those agents will attract the people that are buying property now. Millennials and Z-gens who are currently buying homes need to have people who can appeal to them and be at their level. To stay relevant, you need to start hiring those people.

Guest Bio-

Rhyan Finch is the broker, owner and founder of 1st Class Real Estate and leader of The Rhyan Finch team. Go to for more information or email for more information. To download his book Explode: The Proven System To Sell 500 Homes A Year While Keeping A Balanced Life go to

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