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How Karen Briscoe Went From Rejoining the Workforce to Becoming a Successful Broker Owner and Author

A lot of brokers and potential team leaders fear that they’ll lose people if their leadership isn’t the right fit. How do you know if people will be happy with you running the show? What is the right mindset you should apply to this limiting belief? What is the trajectory of going from broker owner to CEO? On this episode, team owner, author and podcaster Karen Briscoe shares how she got back in the game and ended up buying a team that now does 100+ deals a year.

Takeaways + Tactics

- Make sure that what you’re pouring your marketing money into is actually serving your target market.

- A lot of business books are information heavy, but they don’t inspire you to change your behavior.

- Charity events can help you define the kinds of people you want on your list.

At the start of the show, Karen shared how she went from stay-at-home mom, to part-timer, to owner of her team. Next, we talked about how she kept her team afloat in 2007/2008 and her team’s client acquisition strategies. Towards the end of the show, we talked about Karen’s book and how she structured it so that people get the most value out of it.

We also discussed: - The path to becoming the CEO of the team - How to create goodwill in your marketplace with charity events - Why your habits will determine your future

You don’t live in a vacuum, and can’t expect to drop back into the workforce without keeping up with things like tech and trends. Coming in with your own leads is one of the most powerful ways to start the game ahead of everyone else, and it’s part of what made Karen a candidate to buy her team. Don't let the fear of losing personnel deter you from making a move like buying a team. If you are valuable and put the right people in place, more people will be attracted to your team.

Guest Bio-

Karen Briscoe is Principal of the Huckaby Briscoe Conroy Group (HBC) and author of “Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day”. The HBC Group has been named to the Wall Street Journal Top Realtor® Team List. Over the years, the group has sold over 1,500 homes valued at over $1.5 billion. Go to for more information or to learn more about her book.

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