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How Logan Boyce Doubled His Team Sales from 50 to 100 Deals in One Year

Many agents find themselves frazzled by the process of trying to grow. How do you break out of the hamster wheel and start running less as a job and more as a business? How do you set up the accountability piece for your team? How can you increase the conversion of your leads? On this episode, Logan Boyce joins us to talk about putting the right pieces in place to grow beyond 40-50 deals.

"It’s just about plugging in 100%. Do not, under any circumstances, reinvent the wheel." -Logan Boyce

Takeaways + Tactics

  • If you’re a visionary, finding your “implementor” will unlock massive success.

  • When you have designated lead days, conversion goes up because your team is dedicated to that one thing, and they can reply immediately.

  • You have to prove that you can actually implement the system without changing it.

  • 80% of the value of one-on-one meetings is the broker subconsciously knowing they have to get things done before the accountability meeting.

At the start of the show, we talked about the struggle agents face to break out of the 50 deal trap. Next, we talked about why you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel, and the limiting beliefs that hold people back from leveling up. Towards the end, we talked about the golden rule that will get more people interested in your team.

We also discussed:

  • Lead days and how they increase conversion

  • Why team leaders don’t have purposeful weekly trainings

  • How to hold agents accountable

Getting over the 40-50 deal mark is hard, and it must start in your mind. Many people have limiting beliefs that they’re not capable of more, so instead of choosing to aspire to greatness, they just choose a life of mediocrity. Succeeding can be simple if you apply yourself over a long period of time and create great systems for you and your team. You need to know the value your team offers, have the processes and leads that will make you more successful, and have a strong accountability piece in place. This is how you’ll attract more people and get more of the market share.

Guest Bio-

Logan runs the Boyce Team out of Quebec, Canada. To get in touch or learn more go to or find him on Facebook.

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