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Looking to 2018: Tech Trends, ROI & Having Clarity on Your Numbers

A lot of teams don’t really have a clear vision for how they manage their paperwork in their back office. How can tech help teams deal with this problem so they don’t max out at a certain number of transactions? How are CRMs motivating agents to engage with internet leads faster? What are we planning for as we look to the new year? On this episode, we answer these and other questions.

If you’re an individual agent engaging leads, you should always be reaching out to your sphere. That’s going to be your biggest return on investment. -Jeff Cohn

Takeaways + Tactics

- The most successful lead conversion with an internet lead happens with the first 3-5 minutes of the lead registering. - Define how much it costs to generate one lead, and how much profit you can make from each lead you generate. - An internet lead typically takes 6 months in incubation until it goes under contract.

At the start of the show, we talked about tech trends that caught our eye, and how CRMs are trying to come up with strategic ways to motivate agents agents to make initial calls to leads. Next, we talked about challenges in process management and the importance of tracking and being clear with your numbers. We also discussed how much time you should be willing to put towards a lead source you’re testing out.

We also discussed: - How we plan to help our agents maximize their lead sources - Our 2018 focus from a business standpoint. - Hiring a full-time recruiter

We always want people to have realistic expectations of what we should be accomplishing because it empowers agents and teams to do better. You should know how much it costs to acquire a lead, and how much you get back from it. We have to choose between investing on time and investing on money. We all are limited on time, but we’re not always limited on money. If you can find a way to spend money on lead gen that is a systematic approach, that will return a positive turn on investment.

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