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How Robbie Breaux Doubled His Volume in One Year

A team leader has the important role of showing agents how they can get to their goals. How can you play your part without compromising culture? How do you hold people accountable through team meetings? In what ways can a leader be more intentional about the conversations they have with their team? On this episode, we talk to team leader Robbie Breaux, who shares how he and his team doubled in volume.

Takeaways + Tactics

- For every team or individual meeting on your schedule, set aside a mirror time on your calendar to prepare and decide how to bring value. - Fiercely protect your culture-- it's very expensive to hire the wrong person. - Accountability is a two-way partnership. It's not about cracking the whip on your team.

At the start of the show, we talked about how Robbie and his team were able to double their volume in a year, and why it was so important for them to get better with their team meetings. We talked about how making your team track metrics improves the dynamic for the whole company.

We also discussed: - How to think and prepare for meetings - The virtual brokerage phenomenon - The key things Robbie’s team put in place that led to their success

Team accountability meetings don’t have to be groundbreaking. The fact that people have routines and metrics they are in charge of makes them accountable and keeps the meeting top of mind for the whole week. Ultimately as the leader, the amount of value you provide matters. That’s why you have to take the time to prepare and plan for the meetings and the one-on-ones you have.

Guest Bio

Robbie is the leader of the Robbie Breaux team, Lafayette, Louisiana’s Top Rated Local Real Estate Team. The team specializes in innovative marketing and advertising to get homes off the market in an average of fewer than 45 days. They work tirelessly to streamline the many tasks involved in real estate transactions. Go to for more information or email

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