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Leadership Face-off: How Team Leaders REALLY Add Value

A team leader has the responsibility of always achieving at a higher level. How do your priorities influence the quality of your team? What are the biggest mistakes leaders make? Who should you be serving? On this episode, we talk about expectations, responsibilities and what a leader should truly provide to the people they lead and serve.

"A team leader has two responsibilities. One is to the agents they serve, and the second is to the clients their agents serve." -Jeff Cohn

Takeaways + Tactics

- Every great organization has an ongoing, systematic approach to training. - Lead generation isn’t enough. If you're not converting the leads, you’re just wasting money. - We’re competing in two marketplaces: the one for talent and the one for clients.

At the start of the show, we talked about the importance of constantly innovating and improving, and the necessity of training. Next, we talked about the importance of remembering the two things you’re competing for and why accountability is crucial. We also talked about how to “control the uncontrollable” in your business, and how leaders can always anticipate obstacles.

We also discussed:

- How leaders inspire superior performance - Why lead generation isn’t enough - The importance of a team leader’s ability to remove obstacles

All real estate teams and brokerages compete for clients and talent. If you want to build a team that goes the distance, you have to have a unique selling proposition for both. What makes your team valuable to employees will not translate to what is valuable for clients. If you want to know that you have good service, sales alone won’t cut it as a metric. Surveys, repeat business and referrals tell you if your agents aren’t providing a great service to their clients. You have to equip your agents with a unique and superior selling proposition, so they can take to that consumer.

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