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Live Lead Generation, Lead Conversion & Writing Books to Build Authority w/Aaron Hendon

Customers are taught to have the wrong business conversations with agents. How do we start educating them so they know what’s important? Why is asking about commissions the wrong thing to do? Why is lead conversion something so many people fall short on? On this episode, we talk to Aaron Hendon, who answers questions on these topics.

Takeaways + Tactics

- If you’re in production, you can have up to 5 people in your pod. If you’re out of production and just offering support and mentorship, you can have 12.

- If you think of the way you communicate only, you’ll end up only attracting people in the same demographic as you and you’ll miss out.

- A lot of agents are moving away from the brick and mortar model to instead communicate virtually.

- Most agents don’t know what their average conversion ratio is.

At the start of the show, Aaron shared on the pods within his team, and how they all do live lead generation. Next, we talked about why agents doing calls from home with virtual team check-in is so powerful. We also discussed the opportunities you miss when you only hire people in the same demographic as yourself.

We also discussed: - How to use a book to grease the wheels of conversion - How to sell the value your team offers - The biggest dysfunction agents have

Society has created the expectation that the only conversation we should be having is around commission, because consumers don’t see the difference in value from what one agent offers over another. That’s why it’s our role as team leaders to train our people to encourage the right conversations. As we offer value to retain, train and recruit the agents within our organization, we need to empower them with the ability to engage with their leads and sphere of influence in the way they like to communicate. We need to always empower our agents by giving them the very best tools out there.

Guest Bio

Aaron Hendon is a Seattle Realtor, real estate investor, author, educator and speaker. He is the managing partner of Christine & Company. Go to for more information or email

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