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Sales Training, Scorecards & Re-Marketing to Your Own Team w/Troy Brimmer

A lot of people getting into real estate don’t have prior sales experience, and they need to be coached on the fundamentals. What do a lot of teams get wrong about this process? How can you build accountability into your team without being oppressive? How do you get your team to invest in your events? On this episode we are joined by Finch Team sales manager Troy Brimmer, as we dig into the back office systems that helped the team sell over 540 homes in 2017.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • You have to re-market to your own team, selling them on the benefits of team building, culture events, and your ongoing training.

  • Hold agents accountable to THEIR goals-- not yours.

  • Consistently train on sales fundamentals.

At the start of the show, Troy shared on the culture events his team takes part in and how they are able to get people emotionally invested in them. We discuss why sales training is so important for the people coming into real estate, holding agents accountable to what they are executing, and encouraging participation.

Troy also discussed:

  • The different options available to join the team

  • Their commitment to sales training

  • How to get a large team on the same page

When you’re running a large company, it’s hard to get many people on the same page, so whatever you implement has to be simple, yet effective. If you can deliver an accountability system that is clear, requires a reasonable amount of time, and has personal ownership behind it, you’re going to get a high level of participation. It’s important to note that the teams that produce at the highest level are different to everybody else because they are consistent, and do the simple stuff over and over again.

Guest Bio

Troy is the Sales Manager at 1st Class Real Estate, go for more information or email

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