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Rock Thomas on How to Become a Whole Life Millionaire

People often get so focused on one thing in their life that they begin to ignore other important components. What are the principles and pillars of a well-rounded life? How do you overcome your demons, turn things around and self-actualize? What is the strongest accountability you can get in life? On this episode, we talk to GoM1 founder, Rock Thomas who shares how to become a whole life millionaire.

Takeaways + Tactics

- Say yes to things that are going to be painful, because they will make you a better version of yourself.

- When you’re under the gun, you perform better. You feel more alive and focused.

- No one created anything great by only doing things when they feel like it.

At the start of the show, we talked about how we all have demons and limiting beliefs, but we also have the ability to turn them around. Next, we talked about how Rock was able to self-actualize and how you can grow from pain. We also spoke about the importance of positive peer pressure, and why so many people get addicted to doing important tasks under the gun.

We also discussed: - The importance of finding cheerleaders - The importance of paying attention to nutrition, energy and attitude - How to have it all

You can hire a great coach, but that is just one piece. You also have to have a tribe, a peer group, and a goal-setting system that is pointed and structured. When you put these strands together, you will start to weave something that is indestructible, and you can build a life that is legendary. Most people are missing the ability to visualize what they are going to do and use the pillars of pain and pleasure to amplify this. Learn to visualize the good thing you will get from doing an important task and also understand the pain that will come from not doing it. Those crucial moments where you don’t feel like doing anything really matter. They determine your strength and ability to rise above your comfort zone.

Guest Bio

Rock is the founder of GoM1, Rock Thomas International, a personal development and training company. Rock has now taken his passion for life and keen entrepreneurial skills to the world. Get info on the upcoming Whole Life Millionaire Mastermind here:

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