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How to Look Outside the Industry for New Talent w/Rob Buffington

A lot of teams have found massive success hiring talent from outside of the industry. What are the base skills and traits you should be looking for in an agent? How do you create value in team meetings so that people want to actually attend? What’s more important in real estate, sales or customer service? On this episode, we are joined by leader of The Buffington Real Estate Group, Rob Buffington, who shares how he’s staffed his team with solid talent.

There’s only one sale in a real estate transaction, and it’s not the sale of the house. It’s the sale of convincing a buyer or seller to work with you. -Jeff Cohn

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Team leaders: Ask yourself if you could be profitable if you weren’t in servicing or trading.

  • People get so caught up in how many houses sold when the focus should be how many calls made.

  • Sales can be taught but customer service can’t. It comes from within.

At the start of the show, we talked about the importance of evaluating whether a team would be profitable if the leader got out of production. Next, we talked about the necessity of focusing on a niche and how to create value through team meetings so that people actually want to come. We also shared why we have to focus on lead generation and not just the number of houses sold.

We also discussed:

  • The psychology of weekly meetings

  • The importance of the servant-leader mindset

  • Why leaders have to motivate their agents

As a leader you have to bring personal development value to the relationship. If you can’t motivate them or don’t have the ability to train them, it’s going to be tough to build a team and retain talent. Remember: agents may have the best intentions to do the work they need to do but you stepping in as a leader is what will get them to their goals. If you can offer value, the money and growth will follow you automatically.

Guest Bio

Rob is the leader of The Buffington Real Estate Group. Go to for more information.

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