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How to Recruit Real Estate Agents Without a Recruiter w/Frank Klesitz

Recruiting the right people on your team is crucial for the success of your business. But how do you reach the right people and filter out the wrong people? What are the mindset changes that need to take place for you to become an agent magnet? How can you provide real value to your potential hires? In this episode, Vyral Marketing CEO, Frank Klesitz shares how you can recruit agents the DIY way.

The main pillars of growth are recruiting talent, retaining by offering value, and training. -Jeff Cohn

Takeaways + Tactics

  • You don’t need a recruiting agent as long as you have systems in place that show the benefits of joining your team to the right people.

  • Start building a platform where you make the switch from being a rainmaker to a leader that shares their journey and knowledge with others.

  • Relationships can’t be scaled, but messages can. When you do well on a sale presentation, make sure you record it and publish it to get more traffic by working only once.

At the beginning of the show, Frank shared the importance of making a switch between being an exhausted rainmaker to a team leader and a coach. He also spoke about how content that can be distributed online and events bring more people in and increase the credibility of a team leader.

We also shared insights on:

  • The minimum amount of houses you should sell before you start coaching others

  • How to use ads to get people interested in your offer

  • The effectiveness of online seminars vs live events

The mistake many team leaders make is hiding their knowledge from others and not presenting themselves as a source of growth for their team members. When you want to recruit more agents to your team, you’ve got to make the switch from being a top agent to someone who can help his or her team grow. It’s not about you. It’s what about you can do for them. Write down an offer of what you can do for your potential hires, and run ads to get agents to sign up and get to know you better via your newsletter, live events, and ultimately a one-on-one meeting.

Find out more about building recruiting systems at

Guest Bio-

Frank Klesitz is an entrepreneur and CEO of Vyral marketing who isn’t afraid to admit he learned “the hard way.” After years of struggle and marketing experiments he finally learned what it takes to build a successful service company. You can find out more about how he uses video marketing to help businesses grow at

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