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From the Daily Grind to CEO: How Jeff Quintin Made the Switch

Many agents find themselves having no weekends or holidays. They are constantly on the phone-- and if they stop taking calls, they fear losing clients. Is there a way to step out of production and still make money? How can a top agent make the switch from being constantly on-call to leading a team? On this episode, Jeff Quintin, a former top agent, speaks about how he went from doing everything himself to building a team and regaining his free time.

"By us being in production, we are handcuffing the growth of our team because we don’t have enough time to pour towards them." -Jeff Quintin

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Many rainmakers face the same issue: the money is great, but they end up working 60-70 hours per week. They miss out on spending time with their families, and they trade all of their free time for money.

  • Before you think about building a team, you need to experience the grind and learn the “in’s and out’s” of this business.

  • The number of transactions that should make an agent think about getting help starts at 35 transactions per year.

  • To attract the right people to your team, you need to always be willing to give back value. Focus on their growth, and give them enough financial incentive and tools for them to stay.

In the beginning of the episode, we covered the importance of goal setting and finding the right team. Jeff also shared on goals for the next year, as well as his insights on:

  • The traits of successful agents

  • How to save time by recording yourself and then using videos to coach

  • The importance of surrounding yourself with highly determined people with a high economic drive

Goal setting is one of the most important steps towards success. You have to know where you are headed before you start building your strategy. Goals give you clarity and keep you focused on one thing. In the real estate industry, there are many tools and strategies that appear every year, but goal-setting helps you ask the question, “Will this help me accomplish my goal?” Think about where you would like to be 5 years from now, and ask yourself if your goals are realistic. You can’t be a team leader without experiencing the grind first.

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