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How To Scale Buyer Agents & Install Consistent Buyer Consults Across All Agents w/Andy Kueny

The dream of every team leader is to have a strong team that can consistently set enough appointments and attract buyers. But how do you help newer agents who work with buyers? Should you hire seasoned agents instead? What kind of mentors do you look for in order to become a better leader? In this episode, Andy Kueny shares his insight on finding the right coach, growing a successful team, and attracting more buyers.

Sometimes we almost deconstruct these teams to start with the basics and implement the lead generation. Then they can start to scale the right way. -Andy Kueny

Takeaways + Tactics

  • It’s your job as a team leader to provide agents with reasons to come to the office. If you want a stable team, you need to invest in the education of your agents.

  • If you are a team leader who wants to grow, you need to identify your problem area first. Just finding a coach who made more money than you in real estate won’t help you out with your specific problem.

  • You need someone who is an expert in what you are experiencing at the moment, and after you’ve sorted out your problem, you can work with someone who will scale up your team.

  • Take the low achievers and give them the tools and systems to become rockstars. The fact that you helped them grow will enable your team develop loyalty.

In the beginning, we talked about the importance of getting specific training and identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Andy also shared what he learned from Jeff Cohn when it comes to looking like a professional and installing buyer consults.

We also covered:

  • Why being face-to-face with a potential buyers increases conversion rates

  • Educating the customer to prevent problems before they arise

  • Treating yourself as a professional will make you appear like one

A leader should be capable of taking someone who is in survival mode and help them grow to 20-25 deals per year. Many team leaders are looking for seasoned agents, but the rockstars don’t really need you. You can offer them incentives, but they are hard to keep on your team. If you manage to build a training system that will transform low achievers into top agents, you won’t have to worry about retention rates again. The agents that succeeded because of your training will remain loyal to you.

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