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How to Train New Agents & Accelerate Their Growth w/Dewey Golub

Training new agents is usually a hassle, and at times it can be expensive and time-consuming. It doesn’t have to be this way. How can we incentivize senior agents to become mentors for new agents? When is the right time to put new agents into sales? Should we let them decide on what they want to focus on? In this episode, team leader Dewey Golub shares his experiences with building a team from scratch.

By being in coaching, I’ve taken other people’s pain points and removed them from my future life. -Dewey Golub

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Each junior agent should go through a training process as a buyer agent after they graduate. From there, they can determine what area suits them based on their interests.

  • The purpose of training is to prepare junior agents to help senior agents, not burden them.

  • Instead of having new agents constantly approaching the team leader with questions, you can train them upfront and incentivize senior agents to take care of the juniors after they finish the training program.

  • You can motivate senior agents by giving them an extra 10% from the junior’s split. This way, the newer agents accelerate their career by at least 2 years by giving a small percentage away.

In the beginning, we talked about business expansion, how to build teams within teams, and the importance of training newer agents and incentivizing seniors to look over the juniors. We also spoke about the importance of observing what your team members want from their career. Not everyone is wired to grow non-stop. Some enjoy their current position. But it’s your duty to give equal opportunity to everyone, just in case they want to climb the ladder.

We also covered:

  • The importance of understanding the motivation behind your agents and their entrepreneurial pursuits

  • The secret to a high retention rate

  • Virtual learning materials and how easy it is for agents to review them

Training and helping your agents grow builds loyalty. Continuous training is not expensive, especially when it comes to digital materials. Make sure the junior agents are always reading and won’t be a burden to senior agents. On top of this, giving an extra 10% from the split to the top agents can be a good idea to incentivize them to help the new agents with their questions and concerns. Providing juniors with learning materials in a digital format and pairing them up with top agents will help you get the best out of them.

Guest Bio-

Dewey Golub is a team leader at Keller Williams Realty. He started his real estate journey in 2004, and since ten he has worked in luxury residential sales and commercial development. In the present, he is the principal and team team leader of Found Properties Group.

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