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How Mark Anderson Stepped Out of Production After 5 Years in Business

Stepping out of production can be scary. What if our team isn’t ready? How do we prepare ourselves and our agents for us to step out of production and focus on other aspects of our business? How can we help our agents thrive, and what’s the best way to reduce turnover rates? In this episode, Mark Anderson shares his story about how he went from having a foreclosure on his home to being a team leader with over 170 homes sold per year, now aiming for 300.

"You are supposed to hire people who are smarter and better than you in different positions. That’s the only way you'll grow out of that position." -Mark Anderson

Takeaways + Tactics

- Driven team leaders tend to believe everyone should be a top agent. Some people move at a slower pace. Keep in mind, it’s not about you. It’s about you helping them reach their personal goals. - Make your agents aware of the number of homes they need to fund the lifestyle they want. Discuss goals and monthly expenses to get an idea of what direction they are heading in. - Help them identify what areas of the business they thrive in. Some people excel in administrative positions. Not everyone is meant to be a salesperson.

In the beginning, we talked about helping each member of your team reach their personal goals. Mark Anderson also talked about the importance of finding people who are better than you in certain aspects of the business.

We also covered:

- What the team leader does to keep their team accountable

- How the compensation has to make sense in order to retain rockstar agents

- Why you need to find people who can replace you, or you will never stop out of production

If we ever want to retire, we have to make smart hires and retain them. It’s important to figure out where our team members are best suited. Usually, this takes a little bit of trial and error. Our end goal is to train and hire people who know more than we do, and are better than we are in certain positions. This is the only way to retire without leaving a mess behind.

To retain our good people, the compensation and team culture has to make sense for them. Our top agents won’t leave if we make their lives easier and provide them with a place that they love coming back to.

Guest Bio

Mark Anderson went from having to deal with foreclosure on his home to helping his wife grow her bookkeeping and consulting business to selling over 170 homes per year and then stepping out of production. He spent more than half of his life being an entrepreneur and 21 years in the real estate business. His goal for 2018 is to sell 300 homes.

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