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How to Find the Ideal ISA and Keep Turnover Low w/Jeff Coats

Prospecting is one of the hardest parts of acquiring a listing. On top of this, many inside sales agents want to leave this role and move up to being an agent taking a bigger cut. How can we keep turnover rates low when it comes to our ISA’s? What are the personality traits that makes someone a good fit for this position? And what should we train them to do in the prospecting process? On this episode, Jeff Coats shares how to keep ISA turnover rates low and build a successful prospecting system.

Takeaways + Tactics

- The ideal ISA already has two streams of income in his/her family and is happy with a base salary plus commissions. If the ISA is not happy with their salary, they will try to move up the ladder or leave the team.

- Make sure you share some lead-generating costs with your ISA because many new ISA’s come on the team not knowing how expensive it is to get leads.

- Being risk averse is a trait that makes an inside sales agent perfect for your team.

In the beginning of the episode, we talked about the ideal ISA. Next, we discussed how important it is to teach your inside sales agents to treat their prospects with humanity and find out which means of communication work best for different generations.

We also covered:

- Why and how you should use a drip campaign

- The importance of having a follow-up program in place

Finding the right ISA isn’t easy, especially when many of them assume that they can take a bigger cut by themselves. What they don’t take into consideration is the price a team leader pays for leads as well as the price for the systems that work those leads. The perfect candidate for an ISA position is someone who is risk averse and already has two income streams in his or her family. It’s someone who is happy with their base pay and a smaller commission, and who doesn’t have the desire to risk everything and leave the team to do everything by themselves.

Guest Bio-

Jeff Coats is an ISA Coach at Keller Williams Realty, Inc. and the CEO of Rain City NW. His beginnings were humble, from spending time in prison at 14 years old and working as a dishwasher to becoming a top real estate agent and coach. Today, he is working on an autobiography filled with practical advice for anyone who happens to go through hard times but wants to make a change in their lives.

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