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How an Inside Sales Agent Can Bring More Business and Build Relationships with Past Clients w/ Robyn

Inside sales agents can take the heavy lifting from the hands of agents, but only if they receive proper training. Should an ISA be licensed? Is hiring an untrained ISA ever a good idea? How can you keep turnover rates low? In this episode, Robyn Hayes shares how training an ISA can bring business and build relationships with past clients.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Most ISA’s (inside sales agents) aren’t given the proper training, and their lack of experience shows in the results.

  • Ideally, an ISA should be unlicensed and paid well. Otherwise, they will chase the commission like agents do.

  • ISA’s who are focusing on the lending aspect should prioritize building relationships and asking questions about how they can help.

  • The best way to keep turnover rates low is to have a good work climate, with everyone working from the office and make investments in their training. ISA’s have to feel like you are constantly trying to help them and make their lives easier without micromanaging them. They have to love coming back to the office every day.

In the beginning of the episode, we talked about how an ISA can bring business to both lenders and agents. Next we talked about the importance of training, investing in your inside sales people, and mentoring to keep turnover rates low.

We also covered:

  • Buyers usually forget about their agent’s contact info after one year

  • What kind of content past clients find useful and how often they should receive it

  • How to ask for a referral

The best way for agents to get business from their past clients is to keep in touch. Unfortunately, most buyers forget the contact info of their agents one year after the sale. An ISA can help maintain the relationship by sending over property reports with the value of the home every 6 months and ask if they would like them to give them a referral to their friends and family in case someone is interested in buying or selling real estate.

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