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How to Use Core Values and Branding to Build a High Producing Team w/ Michael Carr

In order to thrive for the long-term, a team must be built on a set of core values. Is the team or the brokerage model going to change? What role does branding play in attracting highly-skilled agents? Why is it important that agents in a team support one another? In this episode, Michael Carr discusses what keeps a team together, how to reward your agents, and the role branding plays in attracting both agents and clients.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • The people who are more likely to be successful in the future will be those who use a hybrid model. This consists of a broker who is also leading a high producing team and a few satellites of successful agents.

  • Agents shouldn’t compete against each other but instead be aware that if they put the company first, they will be rewarded and taken care of.

  • You want people who believe in your culture so strongly that when a new agent tries to make changes in the dynamic, the other agents will resist it without you having to step in.

  • Branding also makes it easier to attract the kind of people who are willing to be your representative rather than taking their own approach to real estate.

In the beginning of the episode, we talked about what keeps a team together and how you can attract the right fit for your team. Next, we talked about the role branding plays both in attracting clients and in enforcing your own approach to real estate.

We also covered:

  • Why you have to find the people who can make decisions on their own without being micromanaged.

  • Why profit sharing is a good motivator for many to put the company first

Guest Bio-

Michael Carr is a top real estate auctioneer. He started his journey as an auctioneer in 1991, and in 1994 he got licensed as a real estate agent and made a shift towards selling homes. During his 24 years of experience, he has been involved in over 68,000 home sales across the country. Currently, he is the CEO of Michael Carr & Associates.

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