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Failing Forward & Learning From the Things that Knock You Down w/Erik Hatch

Successful people have all experienced challenges and failures, but it takes humility to admit it and grow. What is one of the most common mistakes team leaders make with their first wave of hires? How do you start implementing tactics that will actually get the wheel of success turning? Why should team leaders include the rest of the key staff in masterminds? On this episode, we talk to Erik Hatch about failing and starting over, to now running North Dakota’s #1 team.

I’m a student of leading people, of empowerment, and how to give my best to people. This intrinsically leads them to give their best to me. -Erik Hatch

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Just because you know how to sell houses, doesn’t mean you know how to lead people.

  • Our first wave of hires leave because we’re still too focused on ourselves. We have to realize that we’re there to work for our people, not the other way round.

  • High level training and education shouldn’t just be for the rainmaker. It leads to a situation where the rainmaker comes in and dumps a new strategy on the team without giving them a chance to understand it and buy in.

  • The open door policy is not for the people to go to the leader; it’s for the leader to go to the people. Unscheduled check-ins can be a lot more effective that scheduled ones.

At the star of the show, Erik shared how he found his way into real estate and some of the biggest mistakes he made when we started out. He shared on the importance of being a leader who serves their people, not the other way round. We also talked about how Erik has made coaching a big part of his business.

We also discussed:

  • The importance of knowing when you should and shouldn’t take business

  • Why prioritizing learning and education is essential

  • How to make sure everyone on your team feels valued and seen

A lot of the failures we experience as leaders stem from how we handle the people in our team. More than anything, our job isn’t to make our team pick up the table scraps of what we do. It’s our job to feed them and care for them. We have to make sure that as we grow, we’re also making growth possible for the people around us. It’s also necessary to remind the people on our teams that they are valued, listened to and seen. This doesn’t just keep people loyal to us, it affects the work they produce too. By bringing the right energy to people, we get great energy back.

Guest Bio-

Erik is a Realtor and Owner of the Hatch Realty. He’s also a Minister, Public Speaker, Writer and Coach. Go to for more information.

To connect with Erik on the coaching side, go to

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