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Bringing On Indie Agents & Increasing Production Without Expanding w/Amanda Howard

For most teams, the path to growth is bringing on more agents. Yet, this risks possible negative impacts on your team culture. How can we still grow without expanding the team? How can we increase the productivity of the agents we already have? If we choose to take on independent agents, how can we bring value to them? On this episode, Amanda Howard shares how she is implementing the plan to increase production while still keeping her team the same.

A driven person who wants to succeed in life needs mentors they can count on. -Amanda Howard

Takeaways + Tactics

  • When we remove ourselves from production, we have to take that time and put it into our agents.

  • When we go into a new market, there’s going to be difference between what we think they are going to value and what they actually value.

  • How people react to the word “accountability” indicates whether they will actually perform and work hard, or for fail to meet their goals and make excuses when that happens.

At the start of the show, Amanda shared how her business is set up and the main pillars of lead generation her team leans on. Next, we discussed how they manage having an abundance of leads, and why she chose to take on indie agents instead of adding more agents to her actual team. We also talked about bringing value to the indie agents, and towards the end Amanda shared on the resources she uses to improve herself so she can pour into her own people.

We also discussed:

  • How Amanda sets up her day to help her agents

  • Amanda’s rebranding plan

  • How to tell if accountability is going to be an issue for someone

When we want to increase our numbers without adding people to our team, coaching and accountability become more crucial to the organization. As leaders, that means we need to be willing and able to pour more into our people so they can improve the results they are getting. Your day and your habits have to be set up for you to meet that goal and really help your people.

Guest Bio

Amanda is the founder and CEO of Amanda Howard Sotheby’s International Realty. For more information, go to or email

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