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How Ron Wexler Stepped out of The Rainmaker Role & Stepped Into Leadership

As rainmakers, there comes a point in our careers where we are more valuable to our teams as leaders and coaches. How do we find the star players who can run the team with us and grow into leaders? What is the real differentiating factor between the people that do 100 deals vs. the people doing thousands? How do we break the 300-deal mark? On this episode, Ron Wexler, a team leader who’s been in the business since 1984, shares how he exited production 3 years ago, how his team sold 240 homes last year, and what it takes to go from rainmaker to leader.

The key is finding someone else incredible that wants to play the game with you at a high level and then together figuring out where you want it to go, and building from there. -Ron Wexler

Takeaways + Tactics

  • A lot of the challenges we encounter as we build teams will require us to be better leaders and business people who learn to look at numbers the right way.

  • When you develop as an expert and become self-actualized, you earn the privilege to teach others.

  • Don’t hire people who are far below you in talent level because you’ll spend all your time trying to bring them up closer to your level.

To build a really strong team with operational systems in the backend, leadership is critical. That requires us to become the leader and coach on our teams. After we’ve walked the walk, the greatest value we can offer is teaching our people and building other agents into successful people themselves. Ultimately, what separates the teams that can do 100 deals vs. 1,000 deals is the belief they can do it, as well as the coaching and leadership.

Guest Bio

Ron is the owner of The Wexler Group in Chicago. With over 30 years of experience and having taught thousands of agents, Ron knows how to get the job done. He uses his knowledge to help guide and advise The Wexler Group on a daily basis. Go to for more information. To join his referral network, go to his Facebook Group here.

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