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Mindset, Perseverance & What It Takes to Get to $3 Billion in Sales & Volume w/ Bob Wells

Entrepreneurs often make the mistake of focusing only on business growth while neglecting personal growth. How can you program your mindset to align with your goals? What are the dangers of attaching our self-worth to a dollar value? How can we improve mentally to allow for a high level of growth in every area of our lives? On this episode, Bob Wells talks about building his businesses and shares how he has developed to be able to execute at such a high level.

When you focus entirely on growing your business without growing yourself as a person, it’s unsustainable. -Bob Wells

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Set ONE goal for the year, and then ONE habit that will move us toward that ONE goal.

  • As team leaders, our job is to create opportunity for others. People don't leave when they're happy— and progress is happiness.

  • It's possible to use profit-sharing, and residential & commercial syndication to create wealth-building opportunities for our people.

At the start of the show, Bob shared how he got started and built his businesses and how he adapted his perspectives during the market shifts. He also talked about how he programmed himself for success, and the 8 key areas of his life he focuses his energy on every year.

We also discussed:

  • Bob’s ancillary services and why insurance is a winner for them

  • Bob’s mindset practices

  • Why retention starts in the hiring process

Our businesses will only grow to the extent that we grow as individuals. When we get stuck in our work, we need to evaluate our mindset and beliefs. We also have to be willing to put time and energy into things that matter more than money. When we set a bold goal, we will be driven to continually find solutions to get to that point. Ultimately, if we focus on increasing our capacity to succeed, we'll be equipped to overcome the challenges we face.

Guest Bio-

Bob is an Operating Partner of Keystone Partners Group. His primary focus is to help leadership put key systems in place in the real estate offices to help the companies run more effectively. Bob is a world class trainer and educator for Keller Williams agents. He teaches courses on Financial Mastery, Building Successful Teams, Buyer and Seller Mastery, and more.

Go to for more information.

Bob also hosts his own podcast, Get Real, which you can find here

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