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Managing Energy & Building a Lifestyle Business w/Bettina Sastoque

Many of us are guilty of spending time on activities that don’t make us happy or give us more freedom, fulfillment or money. How do we begin to do away with those things and prioritize the right activities? How can we hold ourselves accountable? What do the world’s most successful and fulfilled people have in common? On this episode, Bettina Sastoque shares on the importance of having the right priorities in everything we do, and how that influences the results we get.

"If I prioritize where I put my energy, it gives me a lot of time to give back to the people I want to give back to— and that’s my family, friends and clients." -Bettina Sastoque

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Our families hold us accountable because the consequences hurt when we don’t do the things we’re supposed to.

  • A vision board is too focused on the path of getting the thing, but a success board allows us to focus on the end result— which inspires action.

  • If we dream small, the action processes will be small. If we dream big, the processes will be big.

At the start of the show, Bettina gave us a snapshot of her team and shared how she’s able to focus on the right activities every day. Next, she talked about some of the tools she uses to stay accountable, and why it’s important for us to remember that not doing what we need to do affects our families. We also talked about the importance of having an accomplished vision board to keep track of our successes.

We also discussed:

  • The difference between a vision board and a success board

  • The power of investing in our children

  • How our lives change with each season

Bettina's "Success Board"

Bettina's "Success Board":

When we start to get more intentional about how we use our energy, we get more of what we want out of our lives. At the beginning of each day, we have to ask ourselves what activity on our to-do list will make other tasks easier or completely unnecessary. This way, we’re saving our energy for what matters and removing distractions and limitations from our lives. This provides a clearer path toward our goals.

Guest Bio-

Bettina Sastoque is an agent at eXp Realty, and team owner at HomeStar Sellers. Go to for more information.

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