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How Chuck Fazio Went from 10 Agents to 140, and Built a Culture Around Relationship-Building

The success of our team depends on the systems we put in place. How do we manage a large team while keeping turnover rates low? What makes agents more likely to succeed in a team structure? What are the ways we can enable our agents to sell more homes? In this episode, Chuck Fazio talks about his journey from being almost broke to building a business that has $2 billion in production.

"If you work your database the right way, you are set in business." -Chuck Fazio

Takeaways + Tactics

- We have to be capable of providing a work environment that gives agents all the reasons to stick with us.

- Supporting our agents or being available for questions goes a long way. This is especially true when many agents have experience in corporate real estate or corporate franchising where all the doors are shut.

- We can’t expect agents to do real estate like we do if we don’t teach them our methods in the first place.

At the beginning of the episode, we talked about how being passionate attracts agents to our team and how important it is to provide our agents with a work environment they love coming back to.

We also covered:

- What makes agents stay loyal to us

- How we can transform our office into the ideal place for the agents to meet with prospects

- Why it’s so important to teach agents how to work their sphere of influence

As team leaders, our job is to enable agents to reach their goals. One of the first steps to this is teaching our team how to work their database and providing them with the right setting to meet with their prospects. If we have offices that offer live entertainment, drinks, and a beautiful atmosphere, we can accomplish two goals at once. Our agents will love coming back to our offices, and when agents ask their prospects for a drink, they can invite them to our headquarters.

Guest Bio-

Chuck Fazio and his wife, Angela, built a real estate business that is now #1 in the East Valley. His real estate business has been awarded the BREA Award for Top Producing Brokerage in the East Valley, for two consecutive years, along with several others awards over the years.

Chuck is constantly looking to expand his team and grow his business. He does so by offering training and all the tools necessary for his agents to succeed.

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