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How to Use ISAs & VAs to Boost Your Business w/ Adrienne Lally & Attilio Leonardi

Many team leaders hope to hide the issues in their businesses with virtual assistants and other solutions attempts. How does this doom any strategy to failure? How can we structure the leadership and team when we’re out of production? How can we build a team that runs itself? On this episode, team leaders Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi share on their systems and how they use ISAs and VAs to enhance their business.

Takeaways + Tactics

- Don’t be afraid of strategic partnerships. There will always be someone who knows more and someone who can help.

- If we prioritize internal accountability and build a team that can manage itself, it cuts down the burden on the leaders.

- ISAs and VAs won’t solve problems you already have in your business. They are an enhancement, not a solution.

At the start of the show, Attilio and Adrienne shared how got started and began working together. Next they talked about how the business works with both of them out of production. They also shared on how they structure their leadership, and how they get the most out of their VAs and ISAs.

We also discussed:

The expander and container model Adrienne and Attilio’s team runs

How commission splits change according to who nurtures the lead

What they learned about bringing on an ISA

VAs and ISAs are a great way to enhance something that’s already there. If we have a good team built on the right systems, hiring them will only make us go higher. If we have problems in our businesses, they will get worse even if we bring in the best people. We need to leverage these solutions to take us to the next level, instead of avoiding the hard work of building a strong team. Once we have the right structures in place, the VAs and ISAs can be utilized to their full potential.

Guest Bios-

Adrienne is the owner of Team Lally in Hawaii. She has been a full time Realtor on the island of Oahu since 2004. Go to to connect with her.

Attilio is co-leader of Team Lally. Go to to connect with him.

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