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Doubling Your Agent Count: Training, Team Building & Recruiting w/ Creig Northrop

It takes a certain kind of team and leadership to do a billion dollars in sales, but that’s what Creig Northrop did at age 35. How does a team achieve such an amazing feat? How do we lead a team with a culture that puts talent at the center? What are the most important things to hold agents accountable to on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis? On this episode, we are joined by the Billion Dollar Agent, broker owner, and multiple team leader, Creig Northrop to discuss culture, leadership and accountability.

"Knowledge is competence, competence is trust, trust is a sale." -Creig Northrop

Takeaways + Tactics

The “Apple Approach” to Real Estate: Build the systems that free your agents up to do nothing but sell.

Run your team like a brokerage within a brokerage.

It's critical to be a Player's Coach— staying in the trenches yourself so you can authentically coach your people.

At the start of the show Craig talked about what it took to become a billion dollar agent, and his future goal of becoming a billion dollar broker. Next we talked about the importance of a team leader and coach who has been in the trenches. Craig shared on the training facility his company is building for their agents, and we discussed why it’s a mistake to think of CRMs as lead machines.

We also discussed;

The power of a CRM and using it to hold people accountable

Lead conversion and how to respond to millennials

The value of being a servant leader

A team cannot grow and retain talent if there’s no value being offered to the agents. The value comes from training and actually caring for their goals. Agents also value being given the chance to just focus on selling homes, generating leads and working with clients because that’s the most valuable use of their time outside of building their own businesses. The key ingredient is a servant leader who puts their people first. Ultimately the energy and time we give them is more valuable than any money.

Guest Bio-

Creig Northrop specializes in residential real estate throughout the greater Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area with five office locations throughout Maryland. Recognized for displaying a high standard of professionalism, Northrop’s thorough knowledge of real estate stems from more than 25 years of experience in the industry. The Creig Northrop Team achieved peak performance in 2016 with the completion of 1,772 transactions for a combined value of $765.5 million, leading REAL Trends, to find it to be the nation’s largest for an unprecedented third time.

Go to for more information, and connect with Creig on LinkedIn

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