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How to Create a Culture of Consistent Production, Productivity & Accountability w/ Dan Holt

When it comes to setting goals, most leaders set high ceilings that make it easy for people to get off track. How does setting a minimum requirement produce better results? What is the best industry to hire people from? How can we create a steady supply of talented recruits to our business? On this episode, Dan Holt shares on developing high levels of accountability, hiring strategically, and staying on track with goals.

Takeaways + Tactics

- Goal setting and accountability: If you don’t set a floor and a minimum expectation that people commit to never to drop below, they will eventually get off track.

- Set goals for talent conversations. If we can have 100 conversations a year, we can find at least one talented person. If 4 people do that, that’s 400 conversations and 4 new talented hires.

- Pharmaceutical salespeople are great for careers in real estate because they do a lot of personality background analysis, and are typically high “I” and high “D”, and results-driven.

At the start of the show, Dan shared on his team structure including the struggles they’ve had with listing coordinators and communication, and how they fixed them. Next we talked about the 411 weekly meeting they do with agents, and how it helps them. We also discussed one of the best ways to make sure people reach and stay on their goals.

We also discussed:

Why Dan hires from outside the industry and why the pharmaceutical sales industry is great to hire from

How Dan’s team hires systematically and intentionally

How to earn more freedom through productivity

When we set goals according to someone’s ability to reach a ceiling, we make it more likely that they’ll just fall behind, because any action below the goal won’t be excellent, just very good. This easily kills motivation. It’s more effective for us to create a minimum “floor” that people shouldn’t drop below. This is a type of accountability that drives people and allows us to see the fruits of our investment in them.

Guest Bio-

Dan is the owner of The Dan Holt Team at Keller Williams Realty. His team is the #1 KW team in the Heartland Region. Go to for more information or connect with Dan on LinkedIn.

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