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Goal Setting, Metrics & Accountability for Team Leaders & Owners w/ Brian Charlesworth

The success of a real estate team is tied closely to how well you track your numbers, but that’s not easy to do when all your information is on different platforms. How can Sisu be used to bring all the information together to track everything in your business? How can this make us better leaders? What are some of the problems in the current system that led the founder down this path?

On this episode, Sisu founder and CEO, Brian Charlesworth shares how to use Sisu for better tracking, motivation, and having a bird’s eye view of the whole business.

Takeaways + Tactics

Tracking numbers frequently improves results.

With Sisu, you can easily track the number of closes an agent needs to make in order to meet their income goals.

While you can’t eliminate a transaction coordinator, the right tracking system will make their job a lot easier.

At the start of the show, Brian shared on his background and how he came to build Sisu. Next we talked about where most CRMs have fallen short in providing information to agents. Brian also shared on the pain points that led to him building his company.

We also discussed:

- How Sisu can change the way we manage people

- If Sisu will eliminate a transaction coordinator

- How to use the program to motivate agents

In the real estate space, CRMs have found the solution to managing client relationships, conversion, and front-end websites that help with lead generation. What the entire real estate space did not have is a one-stop-shop to help agents with return on investment, return on time, logging calls, keeping track of progress and staying on goal. Sisu serves that process by allowing you to track every metric in one place, even down to the most nitty-gritty detail. As a leader, it changes the way you manage people and run your business. It makes keeping track of all the important information an easy addition to your operations.

Guest Bio

Brian Charlesworth is the founder and CEO of Sisu, an accountability software service for real estate brokers, team leaders & agents. Connect with him on LinkedIn

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