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How to Leverage Technology and The Power of the Internet w/ Gino Blefari

Internet-based communications are often hailed as a massive opportunity for businesses, regardless of industry. Yet, a lot of people view the internet as a place to strictly promote business, rather than actively conduct it. How can real estate entrepreneurs use technology in a way that will reap tangible rewards? What advantages does the internet have to offer for real estate? On this episode, I talk with Gino Blefari on his own podcast as we discuss these questions.

"Treat your client like you treat your family." -Jeff Cohn

Takeaways + Tactics

- The best approach to a growing business is a combination of learning and implementing. The two should never be mutually exclusive, and you should always feel like you need to do more of both.

- Invest in online marketing. Social media and internet advertising are here to stay.

- Establishing relationships is important when learning. It’s valuable to be able to phone a friend when you need advice.

Appealing to a growing market is one of the most powerful things we can do with our businesses. By making use of the technologies and principles celebrated by the current generation, you can see exponential growth in your client list. To apply this to your own business, pay attention to your consumers. At the end of the day, it is the way you interact with your market that will determine how successful you’ll become.

Guest Bio-

Gino Blefari is the chief executive officer of HSF Affiliates, which operates the real estate brokerage networks of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Prudential Real Estate and Real Living Real Estate.

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