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How Teams Can Take Your Business to New Heights w/ Rob Ellerman

For business owners, consistent growth is an expected goal. How can we ensure that becomes a reality for our companies? What must we do to ensure that our business continues to thrive without adding more work to our own schedules? On this episode, we talk with Rob Ellerman who shares insights on how he has built a successful team and what it’s done for his business.

Takeaways + Tactics

Build a team and continue to grow it by training new agents.

Never stop marketing your services. Even in times of recession, people are buying and selling property. Make sure you’re the agent they come to.

Aim to be involved in more than one area of real estate. Start as an agent, and then own rentals and flip houses. There are so many opportunities.

The real estate industry is filled to the brim with opportunities, and it would be a shame not to take them. Start by developing a team and you’ll open up more time for yourself to explore new prospects and find more success. Work with the intention of not needing to work as hard, and keep investing yourself. There is so much to achieve- you just need to attain it.

Guest Bio-

Rob is the team leader of The Rob Ellerman Team. He started his career in real estate straight out of college. Every year since, he’s seen phenomenal growth. That growth was facilitated by a growing team that allowed him to work strategically and maximize the hours he wants to work. Rob credits much of his success to having honorable intentions, and emphasizes the importance of having your client’s best interests at heart. Learn more about Rob here:

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