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How to Compartmentalize & Delegate On Our Teams w/ Jim Keaty

As a business owner, your team is one of your most important assets. How can you organize your team to make sure they’re doing their best and maximizing your company’s overall success? What can you do to ensure you’re training a team of leaders, and not just employees who are reliant on you?

On this episode, I talk with Jim Keaty of Keaty Real Estate about how he’s achieved his fantastic results, and we compare notes on how to organize highly successful teams.

Takeaways + Tactics

The entry-level category should be salaried to ensure the agents are working for you, and not just commission they may be happy to forfeit at times.

Encourage your team to meet with everyone they can, even those not interested in selling right away. By offering property evaluations far in advance, then can build a relationship with a future prospective client.

Offer training to your team throughout their employment with you. Your goal should be to create new leaders with as much expertise as possible.

Dividing your team is a great way to foster growth of the company. By categorizing the team, you’re providing a structure for accountability. Keep in mind that trust is vital for the company as a whole to move forward. Make sure you’re constantly educating and training your agents to become leaders within your company.

Guest Bio-

Jim Keaty is the founder of Keaty Real Estate, based in Lafayette, Louisiana. Keaty Real Estate strives to provide expert service to its customers, primarily by simplifying transactions to ensure everyone involved is aware of the process. Jim’s approach to real estate has taken his business to great heights, and his team is currently one of the top in the country.

To find out more about Keaty Real Estate, head to:

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