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Using Personality Types to Build the Best Team w/ Matt Cavanaugh

We often talk about the importance of teams in your business. What makes them so vital? How can you make the most of your team once you’ve got one in place? How can looking at personality types help you craft an effective team?

On this episode, Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Systems Success Manager, Andy Kueny, compares notes with Matt Cavanaugh of Team Cavanaugh Real Estate. We talk about building a dream team based on people’s personalities.

Takeaways + Tactics

You need to build a team to build a business. In turn, you’ll stop being another cog in the machinery that is the real estate industry.

Build a team supportive of individual interests. By doing this, you’ll maximize the time and energy everyone spends on tasks.

Personality tests allow you to assign tasks to people based on what they are likely to be good at. Don’t waste time assigning tasks to someone who would never be able to complete them.

The key to having a productive and successful team lies in your ability to assemble one effectively. Pay attention to what people want to do, not what they say they can. By considering personality types, you’ll be able to identify whether someone is a salesperson or not. Building teams early on in your journey may be a risk, but if you do it the right way, you’ll have a group of dedicated people who grow alongside you and your business.

Guest Bio-

Matt Cavanaugh is a professionally trained salesman and negotiator armed with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Prior to real estate he spent over 3 years selling and negotiating over 100 industrial service contacts a year with some of the largest companies in the country. The skill sets he has developed, along with his experience as a professional negotiator, allows his clients to have an unparalleled advantage. After having great success in industrial sales he decided to begin his journey in real estate.

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