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How to Engage and Retain Part-Time Working Millennials w/ Josh Cunningham

Millennials expect something a little different from previous generations when it comes to the work they do. What is the mindset of a millennial? What are their expectations and standards? How can we engage and retain millennials as employees? In this episode, Josh Cunningham explains how he built and implemented culture tools that helped with bringing in and retaining top millennial talent.

Takeaways + Tactics

- We need to be purposeful about our company culture and the time we spend at work. If we create a space where people feel recognized and motivated, we will be able to better retain and engage millennial employees.

- Professional environments should encourage us to constantly improve ourselves. We shouldn’t just be clocking in, clocking out, and getting a paycheck. Instead, we should be clocking in, improving ourselves, and clocking out a different person to when we started the day.

- If our business relies on part-time workers, we need to establish that working at our organization is not just another holiday job. We can do this by creating a sense of unity and purpose for employees using simple tools like daily huddles.

On this episode we discussed how Josh Cunningham used culture tools to retain and engage his part-time millennial employees, as well as how gamification can be a useful initiative to this generation in the workplace.

We also discussed:

How recognition and motivation helps with retention and engagement

Why growth is important in a professional environment

How to make part-time workers feel included and valued

Previous generations viewed work as a requirement, and they never quit their jobs. Millennials are a generation that have placed more emphasis on having meaningful work and not just following the status quo. We must have systems in place that give recognition, purpose, growth, motivation and accountability. If millennials feel fulfilled by the work they do, we have a better chance of engaging and retaining them.

Guest Bio-

Josh Cunningham is the CEO and Founder of rokrbox, a company that specializes in online lead conversion. He is the person to talk to about millennial engagement and building and scaling a business. By 2025 75% of the professional workforce is going to be made up of millennials, and rokrbox has grown into a multi-million dollar organization with 100% of the efforts being from part-time millennials. Josh will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Team Building Summit in June.

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