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Growing Your Sphere of Engagement with Homebot w/ Nina Hein

As agents, we need to consistently maintain valuable relationships with our clients. How can we bring more value to people who have bought homes with us? How does Homebot benefit agents and loan officers? How can Homebot help us engage and empower our client base? In this episode, Nina Hein shares how the Homebot platform brings more value to our clients and helps us manage our business.

Takeaways + Tactics

When we provide our clients with the tools and information that is specific to them, they find value in us. This eliminates the need for them to look elsewhere for help.

Most homeowners don’t know how to manage their home because they are intimidated by the financial conversation around it. By providing valuable data specific to their property, we can empower them and help them build their equity.

Empower clients to make the right decisions about when and how to put money in and take money out of their property.

We can generate better engagement with homeowners when we give them data and information specific to their property. Homebot is a unique engagement tool that allows us to do this, and we bring more value and empower our clients through providing them with this property and financial analysis. We as agents and loan officers also benefit from this platform as we can further build our relationships with clients and grow our business.

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