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How to Work with Family & Recruit Effectively w/ Scott and Bryan Colemere

It’s always great to hear success stories, but sometimes it’s the stories about failure that make the biggest impact in our lives. How should you approach the recruitment process? What do you need to know about working with family? On this episode, I’m joined by Scott and Bryan Colemere to hear where they’ve gone wrong and how they’ve improved.

Takeaways + Tactics

If you’re considering working with family, make sure you have a buy/sell agreement in place.

In any business, it’s important to respect the time of your peers. Make sure you’re staying respectful of everyone you’re surrounded by. This applies when you work with family, as well.

Never forget that your employees follow your lead in terms of behavior. If you’re late to meetings or seem disinterested, your team will base their behavior on that model.

At the start of the episode, Bryan and Scott shared some of the issues they’ve experienced in business from a family perspective. After explaining that they took each other for granted a lot of the time, they mentioned how they managed to correct their course.

We also learned:

How to recruit effectively

Why it’s more important for your team to assimilate into your company’s culture than to make sales

That it’s crucial for you, as the boss, to keep asking the team how you can improve.

Company culture is extremely important. Even if you’re seeing great results in terms of numbers, the reality is most people won’t remain in a culture that makes them unhappy. Make sure you’re offering value to everyone involved in your business and never underestimate the role happiness plays at work. Look for people who embody your values, and enact those values in front of them. Then, do whatever you can to retain them.

Guest Bio-

Scott Colemere joined the real estate industry in 1997. In addition to being recognized for his success and professionalism, The Salt Lake Board notes him as being in the top 5% of Realtors. Today, he’s a co-owner of Colemere Realty Associates, alongside his brother and father.

To contact Scott, email him on

Bryan Colemere is a co-owner of Colemere Realty Associates. Like his brother, Scott, he’s a third-generation Realtor, currently placed in the top 5% of agents on the Salt Lake Board. Bryan is active in the Salt Lake, Utah and Davis Counties.

To contact Bryan, email him on

To find out more about Colemere Realty Associates, head to:

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