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How to Interview Recruits More Effectively w/ John Pyke

Most Real Estate team leaders would agree that there’s a significant shortage of agents in the market. How can we hire more team members to ensure we keep up with the high number of leads? What’s the best way to approach the recruitment process? On this episode, interview expert and Bestselling author, John Pyke shares his insights on recruiting more effectively.

Takeaways + Tactics

Stop relying on the face-to-face interview so much. While meeting someone in person is helpful in assessing their values and personality, the information we’ll get is only surface-level. The interview is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Look for sales DNA. Research has shown that some people’s brains are hardwired in a way that benefits sales. For those who don’t have the DNA, no amount of training will push them to become top producers.

Recruit existing agents who are already licensed. As soon as an agent has the foundation, they’ll be more easily molded by any training you provide.

There is no shortage of leads at the moment, but there simply aren’t enough agents to work on them. It’s vital that as team leaders we hire agents that stay with the team for long enough, and who exhibit the right talents. The only way this can be done is by focusing on the bottom of the iceberg- that is, more than personality.

Guest Bio-

John Pyke is an Assessment and Peak Performance expert at The Talent Genius. He’s also the Bestselling author of The Talent Genius: How the Top 1% of Realtors Build World-Class Teams and Hire Fast Fire Fast: How Scientific Breakthroughs Minimize Costly Hiring Mistakes. John is passionate about the recruitment process and has cracked the code for hiring talent using science and extensive research.

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