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4 Things You Need to Hit $100 Million in Sales

To transition from business owner to CEO, we need to put certain pieces in place. What steps did we put in place to go from 70 to 700 deals a year in 6 years? What steps can any real estate team owner replicate in their own business?

On this episode, we talk about the 4 things we need to build and scale a dominant real estate team.

Takeaways + Tactics

The number one thing that will attract new agents is leads. If we create a good enough incentive for them to work the leads, that can allow us to earn money while easing ourselves out of production.

The national average of internet lead conversion is less than 1%, but any team can raise their lead conversion to 2-3%. They key is installing the right systems.

Inspect what you expect. Agents needs regular communication, support and accountability before we can expect them to work any leads correctly. Teach agents to treat leads from all sources with the same level of care and follow up - even referrals from family and friends.

Growing a successful and dominant real estate company isn’t complicated, and there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. We need the simple processes of lead generation, conversion, coaching and accountability; and if we take the time to be intentional and implement these pillars, we can build a powerful real estate team that gives us high income and high degree of freedom.

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