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Key Real Estate Investment Strategies For Creating Passive Income w/ Clint Bartlett

Real estate investment is a great way to create a passive income, but there are so many investment strategies that choosing the best strategy can be overwhelming. What different types of investment should we consider? Which is the best option, and how can we determine the most relevant strategy for our needs and abilities?

On this jam-packed episode, co-owner of Dynamic Properties, Clint Bartlett shares the best strategies for real estate investment.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Entry-level investors should consider wholesaling: acquire a property under contract and reassign it to the end buyer - then charge an assignment fee.

  • When flipping properties, keep renovations minimal. Investors might also opt for ‘wholetailing’- cleaning up properties for under $1,000 before listing them.

  • Holding the right properties in great neighborhoods and using them as rentals should be our end goal.

There are many options for team leaders who are interested in real estate investing - we just need to find what fits best for our businesses. Some options - like wholesaling - are more appropriate strategies for entry-level investors; while holding rental properties should be an end goal for us all. The great thing about the key investing strategies is, once we master them, they become easily replicable and can help us generate passive wealth for years to come.

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