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How To Overcome Business Stagnation With the Three Pillars Of Success w/ Mike Mazyck

A lot of broker owners struggle to see their businesses overcome stagnation. How can we grow our teams - and our businesses - faster? How can we recruit the best talent possible for every role in our businesses, and can we use social media to boost our results?

On this episode, real estate educator and broker owner, Mike Mazyck shares the 3 pillars of successful growth.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Hire the right leadership. One bad egg can have devastating effects on our businesses - especially if that bad egg is in a leadership role.

  • Share video content through social media everyday. By offering free content that highlights our core values, we can recruit those whose core purposes match ours.

  • Consider gamification. Offering incentives for agents to recruit in a fun way makes goals more achievable.

Stagnation is something most business owners have dealt with at some point, and to surpass it we need to implement tried-and-tested strategies. Teams are the most important part of any business, so to grow our results we need to recruit the best talent for every position we offer. By offering incentives to our recruits and existing agents alike, we’ll not only start seeing the results we need: we may even have too much growth to handle.

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